Roswell-Horizon Park

Roswell-Horizon Park Flyer


You watch. You sit back and watch, while your peers played. You watch as they swing. You watch as they laugh.

You watch.

You watch because you can’t get your wheelchair through the mulch. You watch because you can’t sit in a basic swing.

You feel excluded.


Imagine a place where All can play. Imagine a place where ALL are accepted. Imagine a place where those with disabilities can interact with those without, in an all-inclusive environment.

My name is Krista Smith, and I am a mother to three amazing children. My second child was diagnosed with autism 5 years ago. Going to the park as a family was almost impossible. I couldn’t enjoy the outing as I was constantly making sure my son was safe. When he was younger, he would elope. He would just run. He would run without realizing the danger in his path. Sensory is huge with him. If his body was irregulated, it would send him into an uncontrollable meltdown, until he could find a quiet, calming place to reregulate himself. I wished we could have a place completely fenced in, a place with the sensory items he needed, and a quite place where he could calm himself. I wished we had a place, where there was no judgment.

I have also had to the opportunity, during our time on autism street, to meet and interact with individuals of all abilities. I have seen children who are unable to play on a playground, because they are wheelchair users. I have seen individuals sit on the sidelines, because they have differences. I have seen the exclusion because of their different abilities.

In 2014, I came across an article of a new All-Inclusive Playground. It was amazing! It was then that I decided we need this in our community!

After much research, talking with community members, and presenting the idea and design to the New Mexico Autism Society, we are ready to make this a reality for the City of Roswell.

Changing Lives

This will be a place EVERYONE can enjoy!

Horizons Park, “A Space Without Limits”, is an all-inclusive playground with sensory garden, music area, spray pad, inclusive playground equipment, completely fenced in and so much more. This space will bring individuals of all ages together to interact and create new friendships. This will be a space in which therapist and educators can utilize. The park will be complete with safety surfacing, Cozy Dome, Spaceship Sway Glider, accessible swings and much, much more!

The park will be located at Cahoon Park, corner of Riverside and Union, in Roswell, NM. The City of Roswell has agreed to donate this portion of land for the purpose of the All-Inclusive Park. It was designed so everyone can play, regardless of their abilities.

You Can Help

Your donation will allow the individual in a wheel chair, to be able to play with their neighbors. Your donation will provide the roller slides, which help with sensory needs of the individual standing next to you.

We cannot do this without the support of the community. This project has an estimated cost of $1.3 million dollars. The project will be privately funded through fundraising, grants, sponsorships, and private donations.

Your very generous donation will help us create a community of acceptance, support, connection and inclusion for ALL individuals.

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