Classroom Mini-Grant Field Trip Policies and Application Form

NMAS supports the inclusion of students with autism spectrum disorders into all aspects of school and community life. Given this, NMAS is often asked to sponsor field trips for students with ASD through monetary donations. NMAS will set aside a pre-determined amount each year for possible support of classroom field trip activities.

A teacher of students with ASD is eligible to apply for this support with the following stipulations:
  1. Activity must support the students with ASD’s participation in the field trip, i.e. entrance fee, bus fee, equipment rental, etc.
  2. If the amount requested is for an entire classroom of students and not all of the children have ASD, the classroom must have at least ½ of students with ASD to be eligible.
  3. Amount will be up to $200. Awards will be made depending on number of students with ASD participating and NMAS budgetary constraints.
  4. If the classroom does not have at least ½ of the students with ASD enrolled, a teacher may request partial funding specifically for the students with ASD., i.e. a class of ten with two students with ASD may request support for only those two students.
  5. Any given classroom will eligible only once per every two school years.
  6. A letter of request must come from the classroom teacher and the building principal and include the goals of the field trip.
  7. The classroom teacher must agree to write a short paragraph about the experience within two weeks after the trip for the NMAS newsletter. For example: “Mrs. H.’s class from Jackson Middle School in Albuquerque enjoyed a day at the zoo, sponsored in part by NMAS to promote inclusion of students with ASD into all aspects of student life”

New Mexico Autism Society Classroom Mini-Grant Field Trip Application

Class Information
School Information
Proposed Field Trip

For information on requirements for stipends, please refer to NMAS Field Trip guidelines. Please call (505) 332-0306 for assistance (this number is a voice mailbox.)