New Mexico Autism Society

New Mexico Autism Society Committee Assignments

Committees are formed within the Board of Directors and each committee serves a specific purpose.

– Actions taken by the Executive Committee are to be reported to & reviewed by the full Board at the  next Board meeting.

-Makes Board decisions that cannot wait for the next official meeting.

-Acts as Policy & Bylaw committee.

-Addresses policy & bylaw compliance issues.

-Supervises all financial matters.

-Performs all Human Resource functions.

-Review By-Laws every 2 years.

-Reviews grant proposals.

-Recruit qualified candidates

– Ensure fair elections and bylaw adherence pertaining to elections

-Organizes workshops & social events for NMAS.

-Monitors and evaluate programs.

-Ensures Unites Way grant is being fulfilled.

-Actively seeks funding opportunities throughout community.

-Attend fundraisers.

-Participates in and oversees all NMAS fundraising activities.

-Advocates for legislation and policies to support people with autism in New Mexico.

-Incentivize membership levels.

-Create a plan to recruit new members.

-Decide if membership is something NMAS should continue.

-PSA’s, materials, media creation and dissemination.

-Press releases.

-Audio, video, and print.

-Promoting events.

-Partnering with other organizations and establishing good relationships.

-Reach out to autism community.