New Mexico Autism Society Stipend Guidelines

  1. Any current or new NMAS member (dues up-to-date) may request a stipend. All requests meeting requirements will be given consideration by the stipend committee of the NMAS board. Stipends will be considered based on number of stipend requests and budgetary constraints. A completed application form is required for all requests.
  2. One stipend may be requested per calendar year per individual membership and two per family membership.
  3. The entire early bird registration fee for the Autism Society of America’s (ASA) National Conference may be requested every other year for consideration. The entire early bird registration fee for the New Mexico State Autism Conference may be requested every other year for consideration.
  4. Fifty dollars or 50% of the early bird registration fee, whichever is more–up to $300, may be requested for other autism related or applicable conferences. Any late registration fees will not be paid. The stipend committee will determine appropriateness of request.
  5. The President or other designated representative of the NMAS Board may request reimbursement for attending the National conference (registration, travel, and hotel), not to exceed $1000. This representative must represent New Mexico at the ASA general membership meeting and other functions as deemed appropriate by the NMAS board.
  6. Other officers and board members may request reimbursement costs of attending the national conference, not to exceed $400.
  7. Special consideration, on an individual basis, for a higher level of reimbursement (more than 50%) will be given to persons with autism.
  8. NMAS Board approval will be required for requests in excess of $150, except for registration for the national conference. Board approval will also be required if total stipend awards for the year exceeds $2000.
  9. A written log of members receiving stipends will be maintained.
  10. The stipend application will contain suggestions for other possible funding sources for training. These will include the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council and your local school district.
  11. Any person receiving a stipend will be required to share information gained via the NMAS newsletter, NMAS general meeting or other training.
  12. As a general rule stipends will be given as reimbursements. In special circumstances, Board approval may allow for prepayment.
  13. Miscellaneous expenses associated with conference attendance such as childcare, food, transportation, lodging etc. will not be covered except as in #5 and #6 above.
Educational financial assistance may also be available through:
  • Your local school district (contact the Director of Special Education)
  • Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
    435 St. Michael’s Dr-Bldg. D
    Santa Fe, NM 87501
    (505) 827-7590

Member Application for Educational Stipends

Address *
Educational or Training Program Information
For information on requirements for stipends, please refer to NMAS Stipend Guidelines above. Please call (505) 332-0306 for assistance (this number is a voice mailbox.)