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Guidelines and tips for using our forums:

  1. Please keep forums a positive and safe place to communicate about autism and do not say anything hurtful.
  2. In the subject line, put the location and enough information so people with no interest can quickly delete.
  3. This is not a place for “Products” to be advertised since people do not want a list-serve full of “Commercials”
  4. Providers may occasionally advertise “services” – such as the forming of a new social skills group or availability of therapy services. Please do not abuse this privilege and be clear if services are for a cost.
  5. Please forgive people when they occasionally “mess up.” We are all human.
  6. Information or opinion presented in this forum is not necessarily endorsed by NMAS and is for your careful consideration only.
  7. No confidential or personally identifying information should be shared over the forum, unless you are sharing only about yourself, a resource, or about a training opportunity.
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      The Community Discussion forum is publicly visible and open to anyone. This forum was created to provide timely information about events, training opportunities and other resources related to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Families, caregivers, professionals, students and individuals with ASD and others are welcome to participate.
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