New Mexico Autism Society

From the Executive Director

July 23, 2013 – Christina Angel-Jolly

I want to start my letter by welcoming our newest board members to our organization and congratulating those who were elected to serve another term. We welcome new faces to the board  some of whom are directly affected by autism and those who are not but have a special place in their heart and have meet someone who was affected! It is important to us as an organization, to have representation on our board by different people in our community. We have a great mix on our board and I think this is going to help us spread our message and continue reaching levels NMAS has never seen before.

Together we all make a great T.E.A.M. and I am confident that we will do great things for our organization. When I  refer to T.E.A.M. I like to use it as acronym, Together Each Accomplishes More. Just as I am excited you should be as well, because there is nothing that is going to stop this T.E.A.M. from accomplishing our goals and serving the New Mexico Autism Community.

At our retreat at the end of June, we set some goals for ourselves and we will do our best to accomplish those goals! We formed committees to help in the achievement of the goals. Many of the committees are new and some such as fundraising and events and executive are committees that we have every year. For those of you who do not know what the executive committee function and who it comprises of; made up of Immediate Past President, President, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary, and Executive Director, they make decisions that cannot wait for the next official meeting, act as policy and bylaw committee, address policy and bylaw compliance issues, supervises all financial matters and performs human resource functions.  The events committee is going to have its work cut out for them as they monitor they will monitor the compliance of grant awards for NMAS.

Speaking of grant awards, I am happy to announce the award of $12,000 to NMAS from the United Way of Central New Mexico for the purposes of assisting us with our social and educational events for   families affected by autism. In the next year, you will see an increase in the amount of activities we will hosting! We hope to have something for every age group and something you are interested in! We are so thankful for the organizations that contribute to the United Way because this allows them to give organizations such as NMAS a boost to help serve you! Over the next year we will start to develop programs and apply for grants that will help NMAS with our growth and serve you better.

I hope you continue to have a great summer and an easy transition back-to-school. I also hope that we see you at our upcoming activities.

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