New Mexico Autism Society

Autism Friendly Businesses

Autism Friendly Business (AFB) is a program that was developed by the New Mexico Autism Society in order to encourage and celebrate community inclusion.  Recognition of an AFB comes after each application has been reviewed by the New Mexico Autism Society.  This recognition allows all affected by autism to know where is a safe place in the community that is actively working to include individuals with autism through sensory friendly events, partnering with the New Mexico Autism Society, has hired an individual with autism, and/or much more.  We are grateful to all the businesses that have taken these steps and are proud to share their information with our families state wide.

Process for becoming an Autism Friendly Business (AFB):
1. Application submitted
2. The New Mexico Autism Society will review application monthly at the first of the month
3. Awards will be sent out mid-month and AFB’s will be recognized on the website quarterly

Benefits of becoming an Autism Friendly Business (AFB):
1. Listed as an AFB on The New Mexico Autism Society Website
2. Window cling to display at business
3. Certificate of gratitude for being an AFB.

Steps to Nominate an Autism Friendly Business (AFB) in New Mexico:
1. Notify the business that you will be nominating them, unless the business is self-nominating.
2. Submit this Nomination Form.
3. Businesses selected as an AFB, will be contacted via email, a certificate/window cling will be mailed, and they will be added to our website.

Please consider nominating a business you feel is an Autism Friendly Business using the form below:

Nomination Form Autism Friendly Business-New Mexico

Unless you are self-nominating your own business, we ask that you notify the business that you will be nominating them.